Prince William and Harry

These guys were quite the stunners for the Halloween party at our condo.


When I asked Jack what he wanted to be for Halloween, his first response was Catboy (PJ Mask) and he wanted Evan to be Gecko. Hah! I thought it was a precious idea and was all for it…that is until I went shopping and discovered those popular, beloved costumes were upwards of $100! Remember, we are talking Singapore prices. Most expensive city in the world. Nope, not doing it…

Last year, I took Evan home for the better part of October and snagged their Halloween costumes at Target for $15 and $20 a piece. They were super cute as Marshall (Paw Patrol) and a baby pumpkin, but I just couldn’t stomach $90 a piece to wear for a few hours. Sorry, guys!


If you’ve talked to either of us in the past couple of months, you are obviously well aware  of our yo-yoing in deciding where to move next year. Manchester, England is one of the spots Josh was offered a position, and during my mass research, it donned on me how cute Jack and Evan would be as little replicas of William and Harry.


I mean, c’mon…older brother with white blonde hair and little brother with some spicy strawberry blonde? I feel their personalities fit the bill as well. Jack is still a three year old at heart, but overall he is compassionate, cautious, responsible, and listens well. Evan is undoubtedly my firecracker. His favorite word is “nooooooo!” He is fearless, mischievous, and cheeky as all get out. So far, not much has scared him in his little life.

After researching a few photos of the royal brothers, I went on the hunt for outfits. H&M is right across the street and saved the day with the cutest navy suit and this precious outfit for E. The complete set had a matching vest to go with the pants, but I just couldn’t cover up the suspenders. Too stinkin’ cute!


Jack is old enough and would love a traditional trick or treating experience, but living in a big city, high-rise environment doesn’t easily lend itself to celebrating in that way. A few of my friends at our condo pulled together an awesome, festive celebration for the littles to enjoy. Last year, we stationed a few dads around the amenities of the complex and let them go “trick or treating” by finding them. It was great fun last year and decided to do it again this go round.

We also had a table of goodies and a pumpkin piñata to crush.


IMG_0388 2


IMG_0386 2



All the kids had blast, and safe to say Prince William and Harry were a hit! And of course, no party at Cairnhill Crest is complete without jumping in the pool fully clothed. None of us were prepared to go swimming, but alas…it was 90 degrees and the kids were over the sweaty costumes. They eventually stripped down to their undies and off they went!



I absolutely love the spontaneous, mass chaos and my extraordinary neighbors!


Hope everyone had a safe and memorable Halloween! I know next year will be quite a different experience Trick or Treating in the freezing cold. Yikes!





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