Rainy Season, Rainy Season- Go Away

I couldn’t let this season of life pass by without paying homage to our current condition– rainy season. Living on the equator is a love/hate relationship. It’s amazing because the weather is literally the same every single day of the year- super, sticky hot and crazy humid…i.e. the most humid place I’ve ever experienced on the face of planet Earth. I wrote a blog post about it some time ago, and it was the WORST part about adjusting to our new lifestyle. The upside is I never have to look at the forecast…like, never. Always hot with a chance of downpour. Dealing with Singaporean weather is a delicate, daily balancing act, especially during rainy season.

I took this golden nugget of knowledge straight from Trip Advisor: “As a country near the Equator, Singapore does not have four seasons and in popular culture is known to have two – Wet and Dry. The Dry ‘season’ usually lasts from March to August, while the Wet ‘season’ lasts from September to February. However, there is not fixed weather in Singapore.”

TRUTH! Good ‘ol Trip Advisor speaks the truth!!

A couple of posts back, I blogged pictures and described in great detail the hardships and fun of raising small children in a large, metropolitan city. Some days, good…some days, not so much. During rainy season, I constantly have to bring the rain cover for the stroller along and certainly can’t forget to stash at least one umbrella somewhere- purse, under the stroller, the kids’ backpacks, etc.

Click here if you missed it. One of my favorite pieces to put together!


The weather affects everything…seriously, EVERYTHING. When you don’t have a car, then you depend on cabs, trains, taking the bus, hailing a cab (which are completely unreliable and three times the price when it’s raining), or using the two, good legs the Lord gave you. It’s either sunny and you’re sweating in places you never knew existed, or it’s pouring rain and you look like a drowned rat. It all depends on the time of year. Tropical weather is oh so much fun. Hah!

When I say the weather effects everything, it truly truly does. If we plan to attend a festival or take the kids to the park…no can do. I swear indoor play centres stay in business because of the weather. The sun is either too strong and your clothes are soaked within 10 minutes (this was me carrying Evan for ten minutes in the carrier back in February, when it’s freezing back home)

OR… it’s monsooning, and your clothes are still soaked within 10 minutes. I mean, who hasn’t been caught at a crosswalk with no shelter or umbrella for protection??

Pretty much everyone I know.

Ugh! Oh Singapore…


The only time this is appropriate is when I’m walking home alone from the gym. I’m already nasty and don’t have to worry about keeping the kids dry.


I’ve been caught in the rain with them more times than I care to count. This was from our first rainy season, and all three of us got SOAKED! I can leave our apartment with the sun blinding me, and the sky turn nasty in a few minutes flat.


Other times, when it seems the rain is coming up from the ground (and we have no choice but to walk), then the poor children get stuck under the rain cover.




The picture and video below are from this morning’s walk to school. Poor bub; he was not amused… I’ve posted pictures of Jack like this before; I would huddle under an umbrella and push Jack while wearing Evan- in my efforts of keeping them dry.

Nowadays, Jack walks with his own umbrella and Evan gets the rain shield.


Then there’s times when momma forgets the rain shield…they’ll forgive me one day, right?!


Some of our good friends were throwing a birthday party for their freshly turned two year old on their rooftop terrace over the weekend. It was typical sunny and sweaty Singapore weather, and then…down came the sheets of wet stuff. It was blowing in all sides. We tried to wait it out for a bit and eventually blew out candles inside.


Some days, we get normal Singapore weather, and we relish it.

And other days, we just accept the rain and carry on like normal. Angela and Andrew refusing to concede to mother nature! Hah!


You think most people would wear rainboots, galoshes, wellies…whatever you want to call them…but no, it’s flip flops in the rain. I’ve tried wearing my rainboots, but it’s still too flipping hot and humid. Your feet die in those things and make you sweat even more. No, thanks! I have rubber FitFlops, which I bought towards the end of my pregnancy with Evan, and they are the BEST/most comfortable sandals EVER! I literally wear these beauties every day.


To note: if you ever venture to this part of the world (or anywhere near the equator for that matter), please remember to pack only light clothing and an umbrella…in each.and.every.bag possible!

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