The Author: Hi! I’m Whitney, a free-spirited, Christ follower, lover of all people, skin cancer survivor, travel enthusiast, mountain gal, who craves the outdoors, writing and photography. I adore being a boy momma, teacher, whipping up all edibles from scratch, and encouraging others whenever I can. I share this wonderful life with my husband, our 16 month old son, 10 year old fur baby, and another sprout due in February. We are an adventurous couple and love embracing all that life has to offer. The older I become, the more evident it is that life truly is what you make it. And as cliche as it sounds, the world really is your oyster. Go, be adventurous, and fight for it!

Stirring the Cocktail of Life: What is your favorite cocktail? Milk with chocolate syrup? Shirley Temple topped with a luscious, maraschino cherry? Perhaps you prefer wine-based sangria or bourbon and bitters? Once poured, all choice cocktails require a strong stir (or shake!) to meld the fabulous flavors we crave. Stirring the Cocktail of Life came to me as I pondered how the chapters of life tend to unfold. Graduation usually follows childhood. Then, we see first jobs, marriage, and the purchase of a first house appear along with children. The same order follows suit for a cocktail; a new liquid is carefully added after the previous one is finished. Sometimes, the cultured expectations of life arise out of order. And sometimes, they are knocked completely off track. Mixing up the order of life events or how a cocktail is created can throw off our balance, or at the very least, receive raised eyebrows. When making chocolate milk, one generally pours the milk then adds the velvety chocolate syrup before stirring. Eyebrows will certainly go up if mounds of syrup are squeezed into a glass before flooding it with milk. But, is it okay? Sure! The same applies to buying your first home at 18, graduating from college at 40, never having children, or moving to another country when you should be settling down. Stirring the Cocktail of Life was created to chronicle our experiences of moving to and living in the island country of Singapore. Join us, as we make our biggest move yet!

“Perhaps this is the moment you were created for.” -Esther 4:14

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  1. Hi Whitney! I’m the current owner of 2033 cobblestone town home. Jacki shared your latest blog on fb and I LOVED it! You are an amazing writer. I recently adopted a dog, Stella, from PAWS, and her favorite spot is on top of the stairs just like Kaylas.

    Thanks for sharing your story it was beautiful.

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