My First Solo Trip

Do you spend your days wiping butts, cleaning up spills, breaking up fights, and taking deep breaths during tantrums? Do you find yourself panicking out of anxiety throughout the night, because you fear your baby may suffocate, toddler may climb out of his crib, or preschooler will wake you at 3am because he has to … More My First Solo Trip

18 Months – What?!

While life has been churning on, my littlest love turned 18 months old. If I’m being honest…he turned 19 months on September 3rd. Yikes! They always say, “babies don’t keep, ” and it couldn’t be more true! Seriously, where does time go?? This one tipped the scales at 29lbs and measured 34.5 inches tall. All … More 18 Months – What?!

Boracay, Philippines- Our Last, Family Adventure in Southeast Asia

So…I lied. I was going to make this post a part deux of my House Hunters International post and elaborate on what our actual home in Singapore is really like. However, between my last post and my current situation, we skidded off to the Philippines last Wednesday through Sunday. The Maldives was supposed to be … More Boracay, Philippines- Our Last, Family Adventure in Southeast Asia


Saturday night marked the first live sporting event I’ve attended in almost two years!! You could say I was feigning a bit… This is crazy to let sink in, because we are AVID sports fans and regularly attended a variety of games back in the States. So much so that when living in Austin, Texas, … More GOAL!!!!

Meet Mirasol

For the past year and a half, I’ve kept a pretty swell secret from the public. My family and close friends have known all along, and our visitors have had the pleasure of being introduced. Pour a cup of coffee or glass of wine (depending on your time zone) and sit back for the most … More Meet Mirasol